Causes of Air Pollution
Dust from the construction of advanced development.
Particulate matters in air.
Auto emissions.
Toxic waste gas from industrial places.

Microscopic PM2.5.

Breathing fresh air
is luxury

Adults inhale 10000dl of air. How many toxic and hazardous substances are mixed in the air? Of course, you can place air cleaner in your house but no one can avoid the possibility of inhaling toxic and hazardous air pollution whenever you go out.

According to the announcement from WTO, there are at least 3 million people who died of air pollution every year on average and the mortality is still increasing yearly. These airs with PM 2.5 are now spreading worldwide and no one can keep out of this affair. Improving air pollution situation is the most important thing for humans now. Everyone has the responsibility and obligation to make efforts to improve the global environment on earth.

The size of these PM 2.5 particles are about 1/28 of human hair and the respiration system of human cannot block these toxic waste gas to avoid them passing from alveolar to blood. This is the reason why PM2.5 is the killer ranked first for human health.

Index of Particulate matters (PM2.5) and Suggestion table for outdoor activities.
Level indicators 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Categories Low Low Low Medium Medium Medium High High High Ultra high
PM2.5 concentration
(micrograms per cubic meter)
0-11 12-23 24-35 36-41 42-47 48-53 54-58 59-64 65-70 >71
Suggestions for the activities of general public Normal outdoor activities Normal outdoor activities These symptoms include eye pains, coughs, sore throat, or etc. When symptoms appear, outdoor activities should be decreased. If you feel physical discomfort, you should avoid going out.
Suggestions for the activities of highly sensitive people Normal outdoor activities Adults and children with heart, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases should decrease outdoor activities when symptoms appear. People with heart, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are not suggested to participate in outdoor activities.

Those with asthma may need to increase the requency of using MDI.
People with heart, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases should alert the occurrence of complications and avoid going out.

Air cleaning vehicle
solves the solution to air pollution

The industrial pollutants produced by humans since the industrial revolution in 18th century has continuously accumulated and still be released from factories. In pursuit of the better quality of life in food, clothing, living, and traffic perspective, humans continue to develop lands and mined energy, which not only destroyed the environment but also forced the environment on earth to change. The waste gas from cars and locomotives filled in the air that we inhale in. The accumulated air pollutants for hundreds of year still remained and there is no country or enterprise product could help to collect or handle the waste gas released by vehicle. That's why you always see the foggy sky whenever you look up.

The innovative air cleaning vehicles that was first created worldwide is to suck the waste gas and collect them just as garbage for further processing. Then, fresh air is released by cleaning machine. This concept about air garbage truck is the most effective and best approach to solve the problems of waste gas and avoid the continuous deteriorating of air quality.

  • Auto emissions
  • Industrial pollution
  • Family barbecue party
  • Air cleaning vehicle
  • Fresh air

Never put wastes off till tomorrow what
may be treated today.
The best solution for the polluted!
  1. The design of input from backward and output from forward can suck in particulate matters in different sizes including PM10, PM2.5, and etc. from the lower position and then these particles are collected and the purified air would be release from the exhaust vent on the upper position in the forward.
  2. Highly effective, spiral filter of high pressure, reusable and with marks on vehicles.
  3. Using high pressure gas mist water from 0.05mm aperture tube and thoroughly infiltrate the particulate matters into the collection box via taking advantage of the structure of water molecules. (Different neutralizers could be added while handling different toxic gas to neutralize via reaction. Gas mist water could also increase the sterilization function at high temperature)
  4. Up to 4 filters cotton with different attributes and materials could be used to filtrate and purify the pollutants in air deeply.
Collect the pollutants in air in the night and Release fresh air in the morning.

New inventions patent
Best effective
air purification
Patent for backward-input and forward-output
The design of backward-input and forward-output sucks in the dusts, heavier than air, with high pressure from the backward and then takes advantage of principles of wind flow to release the filtrated fresh air from the upper position through circulation.
Patent for spiral filter of high pressure
Via the spiral centrifugal forces of high pressure filter, the dust could be concentrated for further filtration processing. The filterable particle sizes are up to 10μm, which not only can filter the dust effectively but also could increase the lifespan of filter.
Gas mist water with a 45° angle
Gas mist water from 45 degree angle could spray the dusts with different densities from top to bottom and let all the dusts to fall into the collection box.
Patent for Ceramic Filter
Filtrate the auto emissions to decrease the concentration of CO.

Quipment of easy-to-Use,
maneuverable and flexible design
Examples of installation
in a 1.95 small truck
Control interface integrated with cockpit
Example of integrated modules

Product of
excellent design
With the lightweight design using Frp materials, the box can save oils and avoid getting rusty, which makes the maintenance become easier and thu lower the maintenance costs.
Internal Dispersant Spray system can add chemical solvents to neutralize various pollutants in air via chemical reactions.
Mobile box design makes it applicable to vehicles in different sizes in different environment occasion and situation.
Adequate spare parts for quick repair service
Intelligent production line
Mobile air cleaning vehicle of high efficiency, it is an expert for haze removal

Efficacy and specification for
applicable places
Vehicle size Box size Applicable places Treatment Efficiency Prevention and improvement
1.2TON 200X120X160 High-class residential district, small community 6.8m3/min Improve the air quality in your surroundings
1.9TON 200X150X160 School, kindergarten, and hospital in small and medium-sized community 9.7m3/min Prevent the epidemic diseases spread by air pollution
3.5TON 280X150X170 Small industrial areas 20m3/min Purify and process the pollutants in air
6.5TON 450X210X180 Chicken, duck, cow, pigs, and etc. in animal husbandry 37m3/min Reduce odor and prevent the dandruff as well as dusts flying up
8.8TON 550X210X200 Small and medium-sized industrial areas or core cities with population more than one million 50m3/min More than 500 thousands of cars and locomotives.
10TON 700X220X240 First-class cities, big events, or core cities with population more than 5 millions 60m3/min More than 1 million of cars and locomotives.
15TON 750X220X260 Medium-sized industrial areas or core cities with population more than 10 millions. 86m3/min More than 3 million of cars and locomotives
20TON 760X220X260 Heavy industrial areas or core cities with population more than 20 millions 114m3/min More than 4.5 million of cars and locomotives
35TON 1200X220X260 Areas with dense heavy industrial factories distribution or core cities with population more than 30 millions 200m3/min More than 6 million of cars and locomotives
Original Equipment Manufacturer reserves specifications and modifications of the product at any time without prior notice.